RAAF Richmond Water Infrastructure

Richmond, NSW Department of Defence $7.9m Construct only Augility
Hydraulic infrastructure upgrades and relining of effluent ponds

Baseline is working with Augility to upgrade the existing water infrastructure at RAAF Richmond Sewage Treatment Plant (STP). The project includes detailed program sequencing to retain critical STP operations, ensuring two ponds are kept online at all times.

The hydraulic works consist of a variety of tank and pump upgrades including a knife valve replacement, stripping and replacement of polyurea to humus tanks, replacement of tank gantries with new gearbox motors and sludge arms, and new pumps to the square pumphouse.

The ponds remediation works is extensive, including new PVC bypass lines and relining of four oxidation ponds to support a redesign of these ponds. For the relining, each pond is drained and sludge removed before demolishing existing linings. Other works include re-grading of the subgrade levels, installation of a new ventilation system, new GCL bentonite clay sub-liner, and installation of new HDPE pond liner.

After detailed analysis of the project requirements and thorough stakeholder liaison, Baseline proposed an alternative solution to raise the RLs of the ponds which resulted in a saving of 1400m3 of imported material. As a result, the ponds are regraded and detailed prior to the installation of new pond linings.

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